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Let’s CHAT about Hyperlexia: Echolalia

Most hyperlexic learners (HxLs) begin to communicate using delayed echolalia based on written language they have read. These scripts, or gestalts, can be meaningful and have purposeful intent! It is our job, as providers and caregivers, to figure out what our HxL is trying to communicate, and help them use the right language. We are lucky in that we can support our HxLs by modeling the target language by writing it down!

Speech Therapy and Mental Health Advocacy: What is Our Role?

This presentation discusses the top mental health conditions in children in the US currently–ADHD, emotional-behavioral issues/disorders, and anxiety/depression–and how these disorders may affect communication and/or co-occur with various speech and …

Speech Therapy and Mental Health Advocacy: What is Our Role? Read More »

API Heritage Month

May marks both Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and Better Speech and Hearing Month! With heightened anti-Asian violence, India’s COVID-19 crisis, and the invisibilization of Pacific Island communities, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (API) have been thrust into the spotlight. Yet many Asian Americans …

API Heritage Month Read More »

Let’s CHAT about Hyperlexia: Templates

Templates are consistent written prompts that help organize information or create a narrative. Templates are an important tool that can support writing, summarizing, retelling, storytelling, and so much more. Hyperlexic learners (HxLs) benefit from the patterned and predictable support that templates can provide!

Comprehensive and Inclusive View of Stuttering Management and Therapy

The importance of focusing more than fluency in stuttering therapy

Voice Hygiene for the Educational Professional

An examination of current research to support teachers with vocal disorders

Let’s CHAT about Hyperlexia: Scripts

Providing written scripts is one of the best ways to promote expressive language use for hyperlexic learners (HxLs). We can model whole sentences in writing that our HxLs can read and use functionally to express their wants, needs, knowledge, opinions, and so much more!

Let’s CHAT about Hyperlexia: Labeling and Describing

Many of our HxLs have incredible memory capacity that allows for immense vocabulary knowledge! We like to label items around our clinic, important parts of the story while reading a book, language concepts during therapy activities, and so much more! How do you support your hyperlexic learner with labeling and describing?!

Music & Language: Effectiveness of using Music in Speech Therapy

Music as a tool to support communication and language

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