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Let’s CHAT about Hyperlexia: Scripts

Providing written scripts is one of the best ways to promote expressive language use for hyperlexic learners (HxLs). We can model whole sentences in writing that our HxLs can read and use functionally to express their wants, needs, knowledge, opinions, and so much more!

Let’s CHAT about Hyperlexia: Labeling and Describing

Many of our HxLs have incredible memory capacity that allows for immense vocabulary knowledge! We like to label items around our clinic, important parts of the story while reading a book, language concepts during therapy activities, and so much more! How do you support your hyperlexic learner with labeling and describing?!

Music & Language: Effectiveness of using Music in Speech Therapy

Music as a tool to support communication and language

Let’s CHAT About Hyperlexia: Social Narratives – Emotions and Feelings

In addition to teaching about new scenarios or experiences, social narratives can be written to teach about emotions and feelings. Social narratives, written with first-person language, can provide scripts for an “internal monologue” to support problem solving, emotional regulation, processing and understanding.

If friendship is the heart of love, then this therapy story may melt your heart.

Best friends in so many ways, two of CHAT’s high school students came to speech together every week and worked on social and pragmatic language skills. Then one day, they …

If friendship is the heart of love, then this therapy story may melt your heart. Read More »

Uplifting African American English (AAE)

CHAT uplifts African American English (AAE), a dialect shared by many Black communities in the United States. Complex and systematic, AAE not only reflects the intricacies of human language, but also the ingenuity of the speakers themselves. AAE was first developed by enslaved Africans during the Atlantic slave trade in the 1600s. While European enslavers intentionally grouped …

Uplifting African American English (AAE) Read More »

Black History Month Feature – Coach John Chaney

Today’s Black History Month post features influential Black athletes and coaches, all of whom have paved the way for others to succeed in youth, high school, college, and professional sports. …

Black History Month Feature – Coach John Chaney Read More »

Let’s CHAT about Hyperlexia: Social Narratives

Social narratives are written stories that introduce or explain a variety of scenarios while making it personal and relevant to the reader. Social narratives help to shape and provide an “inner monologue” for our HxLs who might otherwise have difficulty finding the language to talk to themselves!

Introduction to Neurodiversity

Please note that within this blog, CHAT will use identity-first language (i.e. Autistic person, rather than person with Autism), as many activists in the Autism community believe that this language choice reflects Autism’s centrality to their identity and disrupts the negative associations harbored against their diagnosis. We …

Introduction to Neurodiversity Read More »

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