Maggie’s Story

Sep 25, 2023 | Stories

Imagine being so excited to come to therapy, you are willing to skip your vollevball game…

As typically happens when you enter high school, Maggie’s social calendar filled right up. But when she realized her upcoming volleyball game was at the same time as her appointment at CHAT, she felt conflicted.

While her SLP tried to convince Maggie that it was just fine to miss one week in pursuit of healthy social interactions, Maggie still chose to come.

Maggie has a learning disability, started coming to CHAT in sixth grade, and is currently working on higher level language skills. Through reading books and listening to podcasts in therapy, Maggie has grown in her vocabulary understanding and usage, improved her self-advocacy skills, and now frequently utilizes the strategies she’s learned in both school and her day-to-day life.

Today, Maggie is a sophomore at a local high school where she participates in gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, and track. She uses vocabulary words to describe and summarize TV shows that she never would have used prior to coming to CHAT. Maggie is thriving in high school and is another CHAT success story.

Progress like this doesn’t happen unless you put relationships first. CHAT treats the whole child, instilling self-confidence and targeting goals that matter to them. For Maggie, this has meant relatable therapy that makes her life better every day. That is what influenced her to choose speech over volleyball. That is that magic that is CHAT.

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