Small Acts of Inclusion: Pronouns

Aug 12, 2020 | Blog

Here is a link to an article we wanted to share that recently got us thinking about the impact of cisgender people sharing their pronouns: Dear (Cis) People Who Put Your Pronouns On Your “Hello My Name Is” Name Tags

Here’s an excerpt: 

“Dear cis people who put your pronouns on your ‘hello my name is’ name tags: Thank you. 

When you do that, I feel more comfortable putting my pronouns — they/them. I feel more comfortable being visibly out as nonbinary. I feel more comfortable asking people to use the pronouns that feel most like me, that make me feel most seen and whole, instead of just resolving to be mis-gendered and mis-represented and whatever who cares anyway. 

(Maybe I do, somewhere, a little.) 

When we’re doing the socializing part of whatever event we’re at, and we are introduced, I automatically feel warmer toward you — regardless of your gender or presentation. I feel much more comfortable talking to you, because you already tell me you know a little about gender. 

Thank you.” 

There are also great recommendations in terms of other places to include your pronouns (e.g. email signatures and social media bios), and wording for you to use in certain common situations. 

Inclusion can happen in so many small ways that make a big difference – this is one of them. 

Thanks for reading!