We do more than provide speech therapy services. In fact, advocacy is our middle name.

Equal access to exceptional care.

At CHAT, we believe that access to quality care should have no boundaries. Not only does everyone deserve to have the ability to communicate, but those who can't deserve to get the help they need. The level of care that someone receives should not be limited because of one's socio-economic status or other barriers they might be facing. As a nonprofit organization, we want to make sure that people with limited resources can rely on CHAT for help. Please contact us today if you need assistance covering the cost of therapy. If you're interested in making a donation to support us in our mission, learn more about how you can help.

Agents for change, one voice at a time.

One of our goals at CHAT is to challenge people to think about communication disorders on a much bigger scale. For example, what might happen to a person with a communication disorder who is wrongly accused of a crime? If they never had access to care, they will most likely be unable to communicate what happened. This could result in them being found guilty for something they didn't do. Things like this happen, yet they're not as frequently talked about. It is our hope that by generating awareness about social injustice and communication disorders, we can create change on a scale that extends far beyond the walls of our clinics or the schools we're in.