A Special Gift!

Dec 22, 2023 | News

In this giving season, we’re thrilled to convey, a tale of a gift, directed our way:

‘Twas a typical Wednesday, Helene did prepare,
To see a young client with something to share;

This client, you see, is a teller of tales,
And today has a story with which to regale;

He presents Ms. Helene with a special creation,
She gladly accepts with tremendous elation;

It’s a book of “The Speech Kids” and their escapades,
A tale of their value and grand accolades;

Ms. Helene can’t be prouder of all that he’s grown,
He’s come so incredibly far on his own;

Instead of avoiding and being afraid,
He proudly and loudly shares progress he’s made;

Instead of resenting, he loves how he speaks,
Now coming to speech is a thing that he seeks;

And what Helene said, could not be more true,
It’s stories like this that drive what we do!

Building strong relationships with each client is CHAT’s founding and grounding principle, an approach that encourages creativity, passion, and determination and results in communication breakthroughs.

This season, we are working to give even more children the gift of communication. Will you help us by giving a gift to CHAT today?

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