Jordyn’s Story

Dec 12, 2022 | Stories

‘Tis the season… for college applications and questions of “what’s next?” For high school juniors and seniors, this is a time of many possibilities. 

But what happens when a student is navigating a speech and language difficulty, as well as their future? Does their next step become more uncertain? Does their dream of following their passion and attending the college of their choice become that much harder to attain?

That was the case for Jordyn. 

Jordyn felt different because of his difficulties conversing with peers and teachers and challenges with writing. While other students were busy joining in after school activities and making new friends, Jordyn preferred to spend most of his time outside of school making stop motion videos. His dream was to attend Columbia College and major in Art. 

Because of his communication disorder, he didn’t know if his plan to attend his dream school was possible. But CHAT SLPs were able to work with him during his whole high school career on writing skills, social communication, and confidence to prepare Jordyn for his college goal. In his senior year, Jordyn was able to apply to his dream program at his dream college – and he got accepted!

Jordyn is now a stronger, more confident, more independent student because of his time with CHAT. We can’t wait to see how he uses his incredible talents in the future. 

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