Give the gift of communication

Dec 19, 2022 | News

All I want for Christmas…

Such a well-known phrase. But such a hurdle for a child with limited vocabulary.

One year ago, four-year-old Maya was not able to complete this phrase to tell her mother what she wanted for Christmas. 

Despite being in speech therapy since she was two years old because of a language delay, Maya’s mother knew she was not reaching her full potential. One session per week through school was not enough. Thankfully, another client family referred them to CHAT in March of 2022. 

The first two sessions with CHAT, Maya screamed and protested her way through. But CHAT’s speech language pathologist (SLP), Ms. Hannah, took the time to get through to Maya in a way her mother says her school SLP never did. Maya now comes to CHAT twice a week and even asks to come in on her days off. 

Maya’s mother is so thankful for the huge impact CHAT has had on their lives. Maya is now able to tell her mother what she wants to eat, invite other kids to play with her, and tell Ms. Hannah all about Peppa Pig’s many adventures. 

This holiday season, Maya was able to tell her mother what was on her wish list – an ‘Elsa’ swimsuit. And come Christmas morning, Maya will wake up and find just what she wanted under the tree.

Since coming to CHAT, the gift of communication was given to Maya and her family.

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