If friendship is the heart of love, then this therapy story may melt your heart.

Feb 28, 2021 | Blog

Best friends in so many ways, two of CHAT’s high school students came to speech together every week and worked on social and pragmatic language skills. Then one day, they didn’t want to come to speech together anymore.  Dismayed, their CHAT clinician, Sarah, decided to do something about it. After a bit of digging, she learned that they were having a conflict stemming from one of their classes.
Sarah talked with both students separately, guided them in problem solving, and brought them together in a speech session to work through the issue while targeting their pragmatic language goals. In the end, they were able to hear each other out, make a plan to manage any future conflicts, and embrace the unique friendship they hold so dear.
Maybe it was playing Cupid, or maybe it was just a caring therapist who understood the meaning of friendship…but this heartwarming story is a perfect example of how functional and life changing CHAT therapy can be.