Isaac’s Story

Jun 14, 2023 | Stories

Communication is the key to conveying one’s basic needs, to the success of social interactions, to the perception of one’s cognitive abilities, and to so many more aspects of an individual’s ability to navigate life. 

When someone is non-speaking, developing the ability to communicate is a bit more complicated, and in many cases the answer is some form of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), such as voice-output devices. An SLP is critical in the process of finding the right form of AAC and working with individuals to use it to convey what they want, when and how they want to.

For Isaac, a non-speaking Autistic 11-year-old, CHAT’s SLP was able to get him the tools he needed to communicate with the world. CHAT’s SLP advocated for him to get into a trial for a high-tech AAC device in the classroom, helped him set up and learn how to use the device, and educated the teachers and other caregivers in his life on how to best utilize the device.

Since the trial, Isaac is now able to use the device independently and ask for it when needed. This translates to self-sufficiency and self-advocacy – two of the core tenets of CHAT’s work.

The ability to communicate is vital for every individual to succeed in life. CHAT is dedicated to helping every individual develop that ability, and to advocating for acceptance and inclusion of every form that ability may take.