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CHAT (Communication Health, Advocacy & Therapy) is a nonprofit that exists to increase access to speech-language therapy for children with few—if any—other options.

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For more than 40 years, CHAT has given children in need the gift of communication. Focused on inclusion and centered in social justice, CHAT provides life-changing speech therapy to children with few—if any—other options. Through our clinic, in schools, and in partnership with community nonprofits, we tailor services specifically to children’s needs and build on their strengths. We approach our work with deep cultural humility, and understand the need for systemic change in healthcare and education so that our students can be more sustainably supported. We strive for more communication justice by serving under-resourced children whose communication disorders and differences contribute to their inequitable treatment, and by working to remove structural barriers to access.

Communication is a human right. Every child needs to communicate with the world around them. CHAT exists to include and empower children whose voices have not been heard, helping them to access a better future.

"Of all of the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane."
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Recent News + Blog

2022 Impact Report

This report details some of the past year’s highlights of our work towards communication justice – effecting change for under resourced and under-represented people whose communication disorders and differences contribute …

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Izzy’s Story

Advocacy is our middle name. We say this because it is true in several ways – advocacy is the “A” in our name, but it is also at the forefront …

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Tony’s Story

We hear it all the time from parents that CHAT is different, that CHAT SLPs really take the time to get to know their clients and tailor therapy to each …

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"All of the speech pathologists that I have worked with at CHAT have been nothing but positive, professional, hardworking, & well-educated in current best practices in the fields of speech and language pathology & special education. I do not believe that the transition to teletherapy would have been beneficial or effective with anyone but CHAT."

Emily A. Wallen, B.A., M.A.T.

Director of Special Education, Jackson Charter School

“It is exciting to see the Center that started with a small idea and grew to support a number of wonderful families is now reaching so many more. The ability to go where the children are and touch so many more lives is beyond meaningful.”

Phyllis Kupperman

CHAT (CSLD) Founder

“My child has gone from hating reading to loving it. She now reads all evening long. Her self-confidence has been boosted tremendously. She can’t wait to go back to school and advocate for herself. Thank you for allowing my child to participate in this amazing program!”

Rose, mother of nine year old

Summer 2019 Language to Literacy Program

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with organizations across Illinois to provide life changing speech services to children in need. Learn more about some of our partners: