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CHAT (Communication Health, Advocacy & Therapy) is a nonprofit of passionate, mission-driven speech and language professionals who make therapy fun

For more than 40 years, CHAT (formerly known as the Center for Speech and Language or CSLD) has changed lives through engaging therapy that works. Centered in social justice, CHAT provides life-changing speech therapy at our clinic, in schools, and via community partners to those with few—if any—other options. Our speech-language pathologists tailor services specifically to children’s needs, approach their work with deep cultural humility, and understand the need for systemic change in healthcare and education so that our students can be more sustainably supported. This understanding underlies CHAT’s work in what we call “Communication Justice,” which involves effecting change for under-resourced and under-represented people whose communication disorders and differences contribute to their inequitable treatment.  CHAT believes in building on children’s strengths and empowering them to find their voices.


"Of all of the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane."

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

How We Help


Conditions We Treat

Learn more about the conditions we treat, now through teletherapy, and how we can help!

Young child using computer for teletherapy services from CHAT - life changing speech therapy.

1-on-1 Teletherapy

Currently enrolling for winter 2021.


New Collaboration

CHAT Collaborates with Enlace to Provide Literacy Programs to Little Village Families

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with organizations across Illinois to provide life changing speech services to children in need. Learn more about some of our partners:


Amelia & Julie


"All of the speech pathologists that I have worked with at CHAT have been nothing but positive, professional, hardworking, & well-educated in current best practices in the fields of speech and language pathology & special education. I do not believe that the transition to teletherapy would have been beneficial or effective with anyone but CHAT."

Emily A. Wallen, B.A., M.A.T.

Director of Special Education, Jackson Charter School

“It is exciting to see the Center that started with a small idea and grew to support a number of wonderful families is now reaching so many more. The ability to go where the children are and touch so many more lives is beyond meaningful.”

Phyllis Kupperman

CHAT (CSLD) Founder

“My child has gone from hating reading to loving it. She now reads all evening long. Her self-confidence has been boosted tremendously. She can’t wait to go back to school and advocate for herself. Thank you for allowing my child to participate in this amazing program!”

Rose, mother of nine year old

Summer 2019 Language to Literacy Program

Recent News + Blog

Let’s CHAT about Hyperlexia: Echolalia

Most hyperlexic learners (HxLs) begin to communicate using delayed echolalia based on written language they have read. These scripts, or gestalts, can be meaningful and have purposeful intent! It is our job, as providers and caregivers, to figure out what our HxL is trying to communicate, and help them use the right language. We are lucky in that we can support our HxLs by modeling the target language by writing it down!

Speech Therapy and Mental Health Advocacy: What is Our Role?

This presentation discusses the top mental health conditions in children in the US currently–ADHD, emotional-behavioral issues/disorders, and anxiety/depression–and how these disorders may affect communication and/or co-occur with various speech and …

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API Heritage Month

May marks both Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and Better Speech and Hearing Month! With heightened anti-Asian violence, India’s COVID-19 crisis, and the invisibilization of Pacific Island communities, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (API) have been thrust into the spotlight. Yet many Asian Americans …

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