Give to CHAT this holiday season!

Dec 8, 2022 | News

Over the last few months, we have shared with you some of the impact that CHAT has on the children we serve: children with few – if any – other options for speech and language therapy services.  

Most recently, we shared Corey’s story in our annual appeal to your postal mailboxes. If you have already given in response, we THANK YOU! If you have not received the postal mail piece, you can read Corey’s story HERE.

Corey is representative of many of the children that CHAT sees. At CHAT, 50% of the children we provide therapy to are on Medicaid, more than 90% of our charter school students are students of color, and more than 80% come from low-income families. 

While Corey’s story is unique in the particular challenges he was facing, his need for CHAT was not. Before CHAT, Corey had NO support for his language disorder. In this, too, Corey is representative of many of the children we serve. CHAT exists for them. 

Corey was fortunate to connect with CHAT to help him change the trajectory of his future. He is now out of detention and is signed up to receive weekly CHAT therapy services, which will give him tools to express himself and self-advocate. 

We have no doubt that Corey will thrive with the skills he will develop with our support. 

We thank you for your support. Help us to continue to bring services to children who need them most by renewing your support. We ask that you consider a gift of $90. 

Help us reach those children with few – if any – other options. 

Karine Fiore 
President & CEO