CSLD Announces Launch of New Brand, CHAT

Aug 30, 2019 | News

Welcome to CHAT, our new brand. CHAT stands for Communication Health, Advocacy & Therapy. Born from a desire to convey who we are with more inclusive language, CHAT represents the future of our 40-year-old organization. During its long history, the Center for Speech and Language Disorders helped countless families to overcome obstacles and by building on their strengths. The positive language in our new name conveys our purposeful intention to build on that legacy as CHAT grows to help more families in need.

At CHAT, we strive to be the go to place for people with few, if any, other options. Whether that’s treating preschoolers with hyperlexia, providing transgender voice therapy to teens, or serving schools in underserved area through teletherapy, we are committed to this principle. We believe deeply in the importance of communication health, which we highlight through advocacy and improve through life changing speech therapy. For all these reasons, Advocacy is literally our middle name!