“I am so grateful you are working with our daughter. You are the only person who seems to really see her and understand her beautiful brain.” – Angela, CHAT Parent

Receiving a new diagnosis can be overwhelming. CHAT clinicians and partners are here to help! At CHAT, we don’t do things how they’ve always been done; we do things in the best way for your child. If you have questions about services your child is receiving (or could receive), impact of certain treatments on development (i.e. behavioral training), educational placement discussions, ABA, speech therapy, and other treatments about which you’d like more information, we can help.

At CHAT, we help families understand their children’s diagnoses, and all available services, so they can be tailored in order to enable your child to be the best version of themself as they prepare to interact with the world around them. We consult with parents, guardians, advocates, and other caregivers to create comprehensive plans to support children holistically in their development, enabling all children to thrive. CHAT has decades of experience in consults with families of hyperlexic learners, and we are expanding our consult practice into executive functioning and neurodiversity-affirming services; as an organization of SLPs, we have particular insight into executive functioning difficulties that are based in language, and as a social justice-focused organization we are deeply invested in the neurodiversity-affirming movement. 

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What are they

Zoom/Video call with caregiver(s) to answer questions, discuss clinical opinions, provide examples/recommendations, review IEPs or treatment plans, discuss ways to advocate for supports in school, etc. Consults are informational only; they are not evaluations or direct therapy and as such children do not participate.


$50 per 20 minutes of discussion. Typically last one hour but can vary based on your needs. Consults are not covered by insurance. There are also financial based scholarship opportunities if needed


There are no minimum frequency requirements. Some families find one time sufficient; others seek out more (e.g., on a monthly or quarterly basis).

What happens after

Staff will discuss the next steps at the end of your consultation. Based upon your preferences a summary email with information, resources, and a recording of the session will be sent. Based upon your location, an evaluation or speech therapy services may be scheduled.

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Areas of Specialty


Hyperlexia is a unique learning style characterized by precocious abilities in reading, pattern recognition, and memory, often alongside difficulties in language and/or social interaction.

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Executive Functioning

Executive Functions (EFs) are brain-based skills that help you navigate your day and work towards task completion or an end goal. EF difficulties often co-occur with diagnoses such as ADHD and Autism, among many others.

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Using a neurodiversity-affirming approach, we focus on strengths over limitations and advocate for inclusion and supports that allow those who are neurodivergent to live their lives as who they are.

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