Fun Videos for Minimally Verbal Kids

May 12, 2020 | Blog

Our talented clinicians, Celia and Brigid, have been working hard to provide services to their students at our partner therapeutic school, Esperanza, during the COVID-19 school closures. Not all families are currently able to participate in weekly teletherapy sessions, so Celia and Brigid have started a regular speech and language email update for all their families to reach as many of them as possible. These helpful emails will review target communication skills for these minimally verbal students, and will include videos to model using core boards during structured activities.   

The first communicative function they targeted was “requesting,” or asking, for items and activities. They recorded videos of how to use two target core words, “want” and “more,” as well as a book reading activity that features both “want” and “more.” 

Here are the links to videos they created: 

Core word MORE video 

Core word WANT video 

Bear Wants More Book Reading