Mission, Vision & Values

We change lives through speech-language therapy, advocating for children who struggle to express themselves and inspiring them to find their voice, so they can make the world a better place


CHAT will be recognized as the leading advocate for communication needs in Greater Chicago -operationally strong, financially solid and powered by best-in-class SLPs delivering the gold standard to those whose unique needs or challenging situations leave them few other options


Passionate Advocacy 

  • Going above and beyond diagnosis and treatment to educate clients and communities about how speech and communication issues can impact all walks of life

Positive Engagement

  • Building on people’s strengths and interests to help them overcome challenges and find success

Access for All

  • Making best-in-class service available to those who may have few if any options

Interchangeable Excellence

  • Ensuring every Speech Language Pathologist is AMAZING and delivers the gold standard every time

Social Empowerment

  • Helping individuals, their families and communities to overcome societal inequities impacted by communication issues