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CHAT is the only nonprofit in the greater Chicago area exclusively dedicated to speech, language, and advocacy services. We seek staff who are inspired by our mission and passionate about health and educational equity. At CHAT, we provide culturally responsive therapy, build on children’s strengths, and advocate in the community for more inclusion in addressing communication challenges. We are constantly working to learn and un-learn as our field and its language evolve.

What We Do

Most of our SLPs spend the school year working with charter, therapeutic, and teletherapy school partners, at nonprofit community partner sites, and working through our clinic (in-person and/or remotely). In the summer, CHAT clinicians deliver our 1:1 services and literacy, executive functioning, life skills, and social communication programs in-person—increasingly at Chicago community partner sites. Team members also have the opportunity to work on our Communication Justice projects.

Who We Hire

We hire clinicians who are as compassionate and collaborative as they are passionate about social justice. Our non-clinical team members come from diverse professional settings, united by their dedication to helping underserved children and communities. All CHAT team members live our four cornerstones: Collaborate with Grace; Always Compassionate; Powered by Passion; and Ever Adaptive. If we sound like a good match for you, please fill out this questionnaire.


Staff Testimonials

I have never worked at such an incredible company that provides so much support, growth, collaboration, reflection etc. These values are constantly encouraged and modeled by both peers and higher-up employees, lending space for discussion and positive change.

Former CHAT Employee

I have enjoyed SO much about my time with CHAT. I've never had more fun, learned so much, or valued the work I do as much as I have while working with CHAT. I love the community of people at CHAT. There are so many great peers and role-models that embrace CHAT values to their fullest. It is the most welcoming, inclusive, employee-oriented, community-oriented, accessibility and impact-oriented place I have worked at. I love the team calls, the opportunity for collaboration and vulnerability, the compassion and understanding employees are given, and so much more. This has single-handedly been the most incredible position/job/organization I have ever worked for.

Former CHAT Employee

CHAT’s genuine passion to serve and support people of color was so inspiring. It is a great place to learn, thrive, and feel supported!

Jenan, Summer 2022

Hallie Quinn Brown Intern

"I joined the CHAT team four years ago as a summer program aide when I was a sophomore in college. When I started, I was looking for a hands-on experience in the field of speech-language pathology. The interpersonal relationships I gained from working with SLPs and students, the gratification from helping children with communication disorders and their families, and the cutting-edge summer programs kept me coming back year after year. I just joined CHAT as a full-time SLP and could not recommend this organization more highly."


Jackie Ryer

Former Part-Time Aide, New CHAT SLP

"I feel so lucky to work with an amazing leadership team who makes it possible for my students to receive services while I'm away for my wedding and honeymoon. Knowing my schools will meet compliance and my students won’t miss critical services makes such a difference to my peace of mind. CHAT truly cares about both our clients and our team!"

Jordan Felkey


“I couldn’t be more thankful to work for a place like CHAT that not only values me as an employee, but invests in me and listens to what I have to say. At CHAT, everyone has a voice, we’re provided with numerous opportunities, and our leadership team works hard to maintain consistency in our staff, with our clients, and our schools.  Our leaders don’t just address my professional strengths, weaknesses, and goals, they want to know what matters to me personally, to help me succeed and be happy. I don’t think that’s something you find often. CHAT is truly a special place.”

Hannah Koronkiewicz



The HQB Internship is intended for people of color who wish to apply to graduate school in speech-language pathology (but have not yet been accepted). Selected applicants will serve as aides for CHAT’s 2024 in-person summer programs focusing on literacy, social communication, and executive functioning and/or will gain clinical experience alongside SLPs in our clinic or at community partner sites. This internship includes a stipend of at least $1000 (we are working hard to secure funding to increase this amount), mentorship from experienced SLPs, and hard to find clinical experience to aid with graduate school applications—all with the goal of helping more BIPoC individuals to enter the field of speech-language pathology and increasing representation.

CHAT’s 2024 summer programs likely will have rolling start dates from June through early July and will run through early August. All HQB interns will participate in at least one of our sessions, and all will need to participate in one-two training days in late June. At the end of the internship, all HQB interns will draft a written reflection on their experience so that we can continue to improve the program.

Applications are due by 5pm on Tuesday, April 30th, and interviews for selected applicants will take place throughout April. Final decisions will be made by Wednesday, May 15th.

Student, Volunteer and Observing Opportunities

We welcome students, volunteers and individuals interested in observing our services.

Program Volunteer:

  • Participating as an aide in our Literacy or Social programs is an amazing hands-on experience for any SLP student.
  • Time participating can count towards required observation hours.
  • Provides an exciting work experience enhancing your knowledge and your resume!
  • An aide’s first year working with CHAT in the literacy or social program is volunteer. However, there is the potential to be asked to return for future programs in a paid position!
  • Please contact Sara at for more information.
  • Will require a background check.


  • Observe ASHA certified speech-language pathologists.
  • Counts towards fulfilling the 25-hour observation requirements for your university.
  • Please contact Katie at for more information.

Clinic Volunteer:

  • Help make materials.
  • Familiarize yourself with materials needed for therapy sessions.
  • Please contact Katie at for more information.

Graduate Program Placement:

  • Unique opportunity to see the school and clinic setting in one placement.
  • Primarily work with pre-school and school-age children.
  • Must be arranged through your college or university.
  • Ask your university director to contact Sara Tamborski at
Volunteer Testimonials

"I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given with all of you at CHAT. My knowledge and clinical skills grew more than I could have ever imagined. You are all such amazing speech language pathologists and I cannot thank you enough for letting me work with all of you. This program is so helpful and I wish there were more opportunities such as this one. Thank you so much for everything and I hope to maybe see all of you again next summer!!"

Brook Janeczek

Lombard, Summer 2019

"Words cannot express how happy I am with my experience this summer. At the end of program, I was sad I had to leave and return to school. I would 100% want to continue this experience into next summer. I would highly recommend working for CHAT. Anyone who is given this opportunity in the future is truly honored.”

Lauren Anthony

Lombard, Summer 2019

"Volunteering at CSLD’s LEAP into Literacy program this past summer is an experience for which I am extremely grateful! Not only did I have a blast working with the children as we sang songs, read stories, and practiced rhymes every day, but I also loved working alongside two passionate and creative speech-language pathologists. The knowledge I gained from these clinicians helped me tremendously with my transition from undergraduate to graduate school."

Gemma Skokna

VCA Summer 2018 Aide

"Being a summer program aide for CSLD is what fortified my desire to be an SLP. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from such passionate and knowledgeable SLPs. This experience also helped me grow professionally. It proved to me how rewarding it is to work with children with such immense potential and the eagerness to learn. The CSLD is filled with great people who instill the most supportive environment and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it!"

Alex Nowak

Chicago Summer 2017 Aide & Distinctive School Summer 2018 Aide