The Hyperlexia Handbook: Therapy that Works, Volume 2

Innovating hyperlexic learning for 45 years.

CHAT has been a leader in the Hyperlexia space for 45 years. Our founder, Phyllis Kupperman, is known as a pioneer in supporting Hyperlexic learners (HxLs). Today, CHAT carries on her legacy of teaching both families and educators the importance of affirming, strengths-based therapy to help HxLs grow in their speech and language abilities.

CHAT remains the go-to place for HxLs, especially those with few – if any – other options. That is why we’ve published a new resource: The Hyperlexia Handbook: Therapy That Works Volume 2!

We hope this serves as a tool for anyone supporting a HxL to:
  1. Understand the hyperlexic learning style
  2. Affirm HxLs in their communication
  3. Share insights about accommodations that might be useful to HxLs