Language to Literacy Phase I

This beginner course focuses on the basics of language, listening and phonological awareness.

Language and literacy skills go hand- in-hand, and as speech-language pathologists we have a unique perspective on how to help children become successful readers through targeted interventions!

Children begin establishing the building blocks for successful literacy in early infancy. Somewhere along the way, our students missed acquiring some of these skills. We take a “back to basics” approach, teaching the foundations for reading in a hierarchical way. We must first go back in order to move forward!

Goals of Phase I include improved:

  • Attention, listening, and memory
  • Organizational skills
  • Phonological awareness
  • Print awareness/phonics
  • Oral language skills
  • Self-advocacy & use of resources
  • Use of compensatory strategies for learning success
  • Reading, writing, and word attack skill enhancement

Program may help your child if they struggle with:

  • Paying attention and listening;
  • Asking for repetitions or expressing when they don’t understand;
  • Following directions or remembering information;
  • Getting and staying organized;
  • Understanding syllables and sounds in words;
  • Understanding the meaning of words;
  • Reading and sound-letter correspondence;
  • Understanding and remembering what they have read.

LLP is organized around three-day cycles.
Each day targets specific skills:


“A” Days- Listen and Remember

Building auditory processing and organization skills, as well as reinforcing strategies for attention, listening, and memory.


“B” Days-Sound Check

Hierarchical approach to multi-sensory phonological awareness work, including rhyming as well as segmenting, isolating, and manipulating sentences/words, syllables, and sounds.


“C” Days-Understand it

Reviewing broader themes and comprehension of vocabulary and stories, as well as carryover and functional use of weekly targets.

Full program dates:

July 5th-August 4th, Tuesday-Friday (week of 4th of July) and Monday-Thursday (all remaining weeks); 90-minute sessions, times to be set based on interest and availability.

This 20-session program may be insurance-eligible or accessible through scholarship.

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