Language to Literacy Phase II

In Phase II of the Language to Literacy Program we pick up right where we left off and continue to move through our back-to-basics hierarchy. Phase II continues to address all of the previous goals, and we focus on improving decoding and spelling skills while establishing specific strategies for improved reading comprehension.

Goals of Phase II include:

  • Continued improvement of phonological skills along the hierarchy (emphasis on application of sound/letter correspondence to decoding and spelling)
  • Movement beyond phonological skills into prefix/suffix awareness, creation of mental images of words, and explicit learning of spelling rules and patterns
  • Explicit learning of decoding and spelling skills
  • Improved reading comprehension
  • Improved oral and written language skills

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“Phase II of the Language to Literacy Program has been absolutely wonderful! Johnny has become more independent completing homework and not wanting help to complete it (double checking it together, of course). It has also been fun to see Johnny use a dictionary to help him learn vocabulary! I would highly recommend this program!”

Lori, mom of Johnny, age 7