See how we have changed the lives of our clients through speech and language therapy. 

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"Today is the last formal session and Jaeden and I would like to thank you for your support and guidance over the past weeks. You have given him courage, hope  and the necessary tools to navigate through future life decision-making skills and acting on them effectively.  We are extremely grateful for the work you put into his growth.

We have already noticed a difference in his mannerisms, confidence, expressions and the effort to interact with the people around him. He has also become more aware of time-management and  getting his work done/achieving his daily goals.

Thanks again for the opportunity to participate in this life-changing program and a big shout out to the team for this lovely Tshirt!  We attached a photo of him wearing it with his favorite hat."

Nana & Family
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"All of the speech pathologists that I have worked with at CHAT have been nothing but positive, professional, hardworking, and well-educated in current best practices in the fields of speech and language pathology and special education.  I do not believe that the transition to teletherapy would have been beneficial or effective with anyone but CHAT.

Emily A. Wallen, B.A., M.A.T.
Director of Special Education
at Jackson Charter School

"I am extremely grateful for Bella’s teacher. She personalized the instruction to support the needs of the students. I have seen more progress with Bella in 5 weeks, than I saw in a full school year. I was surprised that Ms. Hannah was able to make so much progress in a short period of time. As an educator I love to see learning and growth in youth, but it was even more amazing to watch as a mother."

Amelia & Julie

"I am so very thankful to CHAT for continuing to advocate for and assist children develop foundational communication and life skills during these uncertain times. I very much look forward to seeing these gains carry forward into the school year and know my daughter will be better-positioned to succeed."

Debra Thomas

The instructors - Whitney and Janeen were FANTASTIC teachers, and I am so impressed with how prepared they were to deliver this program virtually. You would never know that this program wasn't originally designed to be a virtual class. They did such a great job keeping the students on task and engaged, and I really loved all of the strategies they taught. My son would often share what he learned with me in group without my prompting, which was a very nice change of pace. He really enjoyed the other students in class, and I feel like Whitney and Janeen helped to create a sense of community by allowing the students time to share about their interests.

Samia Bono
My son attended the summer Executive Functioning program in Jul-Aug of 2020. It has been a very enriching experience for him. I was extremely impressed by the detailed, thoughtful and very thorough curriculum - a combination of very engaging classwork as well as relevant homework. Although some EF concepts and skills may seem complex to young students, the curriculum itself and the clinicians who taught this program made the concepts easy to understand by using context and role play situations that are more relevant to kids my son's age.  

The team behind the EF program is exemplary at their work. From Day 1, the clinicians who taught this class - were able to establish a rapport with my son. He would look forward to the class and the engagement with clinicians as well as new “friends” in the class.


He learned a lot of EF concepts and most importantly has been able to apply them steadily to his day to day life. The concept of organization, time management, and creating “zones” is serving him well in going through his day. He is looking forward to applying the concepts of goal setting, and “growth mindset” as the school year takes off. My son has become more self-aware and the terms like “time robbers” and “distractors” have become a common part of our dinner table lexicon! 
My skepticism about the efficacy of enrichment courses being offered online was completely dissolved at the outset of the program. The passion, involvement and parent-clinician communication has been very key to overcoming any lack of physical face to face time.
This has been a fantastic experience for my son and for our family. I highly recommend this program to any family and kids who want to strengthen executive functioning skills of time management, goal setting and organization which are key pillars of academic success and will also serve them well beyond school.
Madhvi Verma
Parent of EF Student & CHAT Board Member

"Katie has been working with our son Kyle for more than 1 year. We wanted to let you know that she is an OUTSTANDING speech therapist! She is THE BEST speech therapist Kyle has had and he had many since he lost speech at age 4 and now he is 13. 


Katie's expertise, knowledge, patience, motivation, persona and dedication are superb! We are so happy and lucky that Katie is Kyle's speech therapist.


Katie is an ASSET to Center for Speech and Language Disorders. 


We wanted to share with you our highest satisfaction of Katie and her amazing, committed and great work with our son!"

Anna, Richard & family of Kyle

"This program has been beneficial for my son and I would have enrolled him in previous years, but the program is only offered during the weekdays when I’m at work. Having the program online is more convenient for me as I don’t have to miss work for him to benefit from it.  For this I thankful to the entire team that helped him this summer."

Maria Rodriguez