Social Communication Program

For kids ages 5-18 looking to improve conversation, cooperation and regulation skills.

Social Interaction with a caregiver or peer is essential for all children’s communication. This can be especially challenging for our children who are minimally verbal or have more severe cognitive, communication, or behavioral needs. CHAT’s Social Communication Program for Minimally Verbal Children targets skills in a variety of areas including functional receptive and expressive language, regulation skills, and cooperation skills.

Program may help your child if they struggle with:

  • Using language as their primary mode of communication for requesting, protesting, commenting and labeling
  • Answering questions asked of them
  • Interacting with caregivers using language and functional
  • Staying calm and regulated when experiencing a variety of
  • Interacting appropriately with peers in play and other activities
  • Taking turns and engaging in back and forth interactions with
    caregivers and peers

Skills are addressed in two main areas that are varied throughout the program:

"A" Days - Language and Conversation Skills

“B” Days - Regulation and Cooperation Skills

Full program dates:

July 5th-August 4th, Tuesday-Friday (week of 4th of July) and Monday-Thursday (all remaining weeks); 90-minute sessions, times to be set based on interest and availability.

This 20-session program may be insurance-eligible or accessible through scholarship.

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