New this summer!
Executive Functioning Program

Executive Functions (EFs) are a set of brain-based skills that are essential for self-management and goal achievement. Examples include attention, planning, organization, self-awareness and control, inhibition, and flexibility.


Children can have deficits in their EFs for a variety of reasons including due to developmental delays, attentional difficulties like ADHD, or other brain insults or injuries. Our SLPs’ unique perspective harnesses the important role language plays in the development and use of Executive Function skills.

Your child may have EF deficits if they struggle to:

  • Stay focused on tasks, especially non-preferred tasks;
  • Switch back and forth between things in the environment;
  • Planning out the steps needed to complete a task;
  • Organize their space or materials, and keep track of things;
  • Control their emotions;
  • Manage their impulsivity, appearing to act without thinking.

In addition to targeting EF skill development, CHAT’s program will teach compensatory strategies for children to support EF skills.

Full program dates: July 6-August 6, Monday-Thursday; 90-minute sessions, times to be set based on interest and availability. This 20-session program may be insurance eligible or accessible through scholarship. Single-week sessions also are available via private pay ($250/week) or scholarship. Multiple weeks can be combined.