sapna sapna

Sapna Garg

SLP and Billing Administrator


I became an SLP because…

I wanted to help people communicate effectively. When my grandfather had a stroke, I was able to work with him on relearning the alphabet as well as writing skills so that he could regain his ability to speak and write. I didn’t know what an SLP was at that young age, but I knew how important it was to be able to communicate. After taking an undergraduate class in Communication Disorders, I realized that getting my master’s degree in Speech and Language Disorders would combine my interest in communication with my passion for helping others.

I love working at CHAT because…

this team consists of a group of AMAZING people!!! I have never worked in an environment where there is so much support, mutual respect, and kindness for one another and for the wonderful families that we serve. Life took me in different directions over the years, but with the team’s encouragement, I am very proud to be part of this dedicated organization.

In my free time I enjoy…

Spending quality time with my husband, twin boys, and parents (playing cards/games, traveling, riding bikes, cooking, or watching movies). I also love keeping in touch with friends and family from all over the world, especially FaceTime calls with my sister and her adorable baby boy.