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Karine Fiore

President & CEO



I came to CHAT because…

I’m passionate about advocating for children, whose supports and services should not depend on their neighborhood, family income, or skin color. As a mom, I’ve been an advocate for my own children, and understand first-hand the value of tailored, differentiated services and the impact they make on children’s lives. A child should not receive less because their mom happens not to be a native English speaker with a law degree.

It might surprise you to know that…

I wanted to go to art school and love painting watercolors.

If you hear me speaking a language other than English, it’s probably…

Spanish or Catalan! I’m fluent in both, and even worked as a translator in Spain.

I love leading the CHAT team because…

Children with learning differences are often overlooked, misjudged and misunderstood in our schools and society. Every member of our CHAT team is dedicated to making sure that the gold standard of care is accessible to anyone who needs it. I’m lucky to be able to use my professional credentials on behalf of so many children who need help.

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