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Francesca Varias



I became an SLP because…

As a kid, I went through years of specialized instruction before I had the tools to be successful in school. I vividly remember feeling embarrassed I couldn’t keep up with my classmates and feeling worried I may never catch up. With the encouragement of my classroom teachers and the devotion of my diverse learning teacher, I not only caught up, but I excelled. It wasn’t until I discovered the field of speech language pathology that I felt I found my passion. Now I am beyond excited to share my story with kids and provide them with the right tools to follow their passions.

One thing I love about being an SLP is…

Nothing excites me more than working with kids. I can’t wait to hear about their interests and discover what kinds of supports help them best. I am also excited to learn from the amazing SLPs I am working alongside with. 

In my free time I enjoy…

Outside of working with kiddos, I enjoy traveling to far away countries, growing herbs and veggies in my garden, going to concerts, and playing soccer.