Our Annual Appeal Changed Felix’s Life

“Are you going to cry?”

Felix is a Chicago 4th grader. We began supporting him with speech and language therapy in school last year. Because of generous donations from our 2018 Annual Appeal, Felix was able to attend our intensive combined literacy and social communication program last summer, at no charge to his family.

Fast forward to the start of this school year when Felix had a session with his therapist, Dani, and his therapist from summer program, Sarah. He was reading so many words that he kept looking over at Sarah and saying, “Look! I read it all by myself!” Proud of Felix and his progress, Sarah was moved to tears when Felix said, “The summer program really helped me.”

Felix noticed Sarah’s reaction and asked, “Are you going to cry?

Because you look like you’re going to cry!”

Our summer programs are about more than just helping children learn to read or speak better. These programs help children build confidence, become better communicators, and as a result form deeper relationships. The empathy shown towards his teacher during his therapy session was the best gift back that Felix could have given Sarah.

By supporting CHAT, your contribution can help us bring life changing speech therapy to students just like Felix.

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