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Irina Stenger



I became an SLP because…

I’ve always enjoyed working with language. My background in cosmetology and cosmetology teaching, being a call center agent, and working in health insurance gave me a desire to find a career where I could teach people to do things and talk with them. Being a speech-language pathologist allows me to exercise and grow skills and interests that I’ve developed over many years.

I get excited when…

I’m excited to have fun! I love that our field has so much room for building relationships and playing games and all the ways those two overlap. And I love moments where an idea or activity I developed or improvised leads to a moment when someone is able to have success in a way they didn’t experience before, and I can see how my schooling and therapy is leading to tangible results that matter to the person in front of me. 

In my free time I enjoy…

playing board games and social deduction games, spending time reading and meditation on my balcony, and playing ping-pong or rollerskating.