AC Smiling 2022

AC Goldberg

SLP Advisory Board Member

AC Goldberg (he/him) PhD, CCC-SLP is an intersex/transgender Speech-Language Pathologist and DEI consultant. AC began his career in hospitals where he faced various forms of workplace discrimination due to his transgender identity. For the past 18 years, he has been a school clinician, specializing in social communication and working with adolescents with complex profiles. He strives to create safe, affirming environments for everyone in his care. AC also provides gender affirming voice services and is dedicated to ending the mistreatment and discrimination trans* and gender nonconforming people face in educational, medical, and clinical settings. AC is ASHA certified, SAC affiliated, a member of the WPATH, and a member of the Trans Voice Initiative. He offers cultural responsiveness training through his CE platform, CREDIT and consulting services through his agency, Transplaining.