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At CHAT, we interpret “underserved” broadly — including anyone who lives in a community where they cannot access high quality therapy, or who doesn’t have the means or ability to travel for it. Our teletherapy targets these children and schools, as well as others for whom in-person therapy may be a challenge, bringing our engaging speech-language pathologists virtually to their classrooms and family rooms. Teletherapy may be a good fit for you if:

  • You are limited to online learning due to COVID-19
  • Your work and family schedule, location, or commuting times, makes regular, in-person therapy a hurdle
  • Your middle school or high school child has plateaued in traditional therapy and could re-engage through an online platform
  • Your child’s behaviors make successful in-person therapy a challenge

Through a specialized online platform, we serve individuals and groups with the full range of communication challenges, both through their schools and with their families. For our school partners, we go beyond meeting IEP minutes, evaluating, creating treatment plans, and meeting other academic goals like improving reading levels and social communication skills. We also offer our school partners teletherapy as an option for their response to intervention (RTI) programs, both during the school day and through after school programs. For our families, we work to create individualized treatment plans that work for their needs within the confines of their busy lives.

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