Jas Grewal


With more than 20 years of experience leveraging a holistic understanding of the intersection between the Healthcare, Pharma, Artificial Intelligence, and SaaS, Jas Grewal is uniquely positioned to provide exceptional value to your organization in a high-visibility, Executive Leadership role. Mr. Grewal is a dynamic, resourceful, and intuitive enterprise leader skilled at driving explosive revenue growth and improving profit margins to effectively position start-ups, high-volume healthcare facilities, and investment groups for long-term financial success and prosperity. He possesses an exceptional track record demonstrating definitively continued success spanning 20 years, such as the two companies he founded, the numerous fast-paced operations he’s directed, and the millions of dollars in revenue growth he has solely generated for several competitive businesses.

With a Master of Business Administration in Finance and Strategy, Computer Science, and numerous awards highlighting his innovation as a multidisciplinary industry leader. He currently spends his time on a research start up Autonomous Health.