COVID-19 Resources

CHAT Teletherapy in the COVID-19 Era

We are here to help!

COVID-19 has changed almost everything, but not one of the mainstays at CHAT. We have delivered teletherapy for years, led by Ciara Nally, our Assistant Director of Teletherapy. CHAT teletherapy targets people for whom in-person therapy may be a challenge, bringing our engaging speech-language pathologists virtually to their classrooms and family rooms. We are uniquely situated in ideology, infrastructure, and experience to serve schools and families that are currently unable to provide or access their usual services. We have long been focused on those with few – if any – other options. The COVID-19 pandemic exponentially increases the number of people in this group. We are here to help.


We work in more than 25 schools across Illinois, and can help you with the full array of speech and language services, from evaluations to individual and group therapy. We can provide training for your on-staff SLPs to learn teletherapy best practices, and professional development sessions for your teachers and administrators. We can help manage your caseloads, and we are adapting our life changing literacy and social communication programs for online delivery as “after-school” options to maintain goals and progress.


We offer the full range of speech and language therapy online, as well as specialized therapy for children with hyperlexia and gender-affirming voice therapy. Our therapists make teletherapy engaging and fun, and Generation Z kids often prefer it to in-person therapy. We are adapting our literacy and social communication group programs for online delivery, and will offer summer program online if needed. We can evaluate children online, and begin therapy if needed. We accept Medicaid, offer scholarships, and are working with insurance providers as coverage moves to teletherapy.


We can help you become more comfortable and skilled in teletherapy. We will be offering webinars and 1:1 consultations to help you provide the highest quality therapy to your clients remotely. As a non-profit, our goal is helping as many children in need as we can.

Together we can help more children in need of services to receive them. Reach out today at